TED Talks - Some of my favorites.

TED Talks, you got to love them. Motivating, Inspiring, thought provoking, educational or downright funny. Here’s a list of my favorite TED Talks in no particular order.

And here’s some love to these amazing Indian speakers

Please suggest some amazing TED Talks that you have watched :)

P.S : I’ve watched a lot more than these, but these are the ones i could find in my Fav Ted Talks bookmarks. :)


I dare you, i double dare you mothafucka!! Watch this on full volume right till the end!! 

Dear Airtel, My name is not NULL!!!

Dear Airtel, My name is not NULL!!!


Tata Docomo - Cant even get customer Info correct

Few weeks or so back i had tweeted about Tata Docomo’s mail to me that i owed them around 50k. Only to find out that they were supposed to send the mail to TV 18 HOME SHOPPING NETWORK LTD. Please check the next few images about the interaction.

I guess they dont learn from previous mistakes as they sent me this mail about an hour ago. - 

Date: 26-03-2014


NAME                                 : - TV 18 HOME SHOPPING NETWORK LTD


PLACE                                : - Karnataka

Account Number                  : - 917193152


Subject: -Second payment reminder & barring Intimation for outstanding bills of Rs. 16854/-

Dear Sir/Madam,


This is to bring to your notice that as per our records, your services account has an outstanding of Rs.16854/- due to us.

In continuation of our previous payment reminder letter, please note that non-payment of the outstanding dues will lead to barring of services and other actions, for the mentioned account and all related services with us.

We request you to submit full payment immediately for the overdue amount of Rs: 16854/- through Cheque/DD or NEFT and intimate the payment details to us, for continuity of services. Please note that cheque payment is subject to realization. You need to mandatorily mention your Tata account and Invoice number behind the cheque for accurate reconciliation.

In case you have already made the payment, we request you to share the payment details of the mentioned services account to enjoy uninterrupted services.

For further queries, please feel free to contact your Business Relationship Manager or Bill Collections person in business hours. You can also call our 24X7 Toll Free Contact Centre on: 1800-266-1515 for clarifications.


This is system generated e-mail, please do not reply.

Customer Service & Operations

Business Services, Tata Docomo

And this has been happening for a while, though the amount was different then. Maybe now they will correct the fuck up at their end and NOT SEND ME THESE MAILS!! 

Next time you send me this mail, i will send it to all the leading newspapers. 


A frustrated rant on Moyes.

I knew we were going to lose against City, It just could not have been any other result. But as the first half went, felt we got better maybe because City were being too confident. But not even once during the 90 mins did i feel we could overturn the deficit. And that is so non-United. To point the fingers at the Manager alone is wrong as players have clearly not lived up to the expectations. Rio ferdinand was at fault for the first 2 goals and Evra&Ferdinand combined for the 3rd. But when the manager comes up and tells that we should aspire to play like City i felt like ripping my guts out and strangling that idiot. I don’t think he still has realized that this is not Everton.

He has in the last 8 months not shown a single time that he is capable of turning this around, forget the mess we are in, have we ever come back to win once we have gone behind this season?? I cannot remember one such occasion. All he does is sit on the chair like a bemused and confused person who has absolutely no clue as to what needs to be done. Instead of spending hours groaning, maybe he can take a look at himself and see that the change needs to come from him and not expect things to change.

One thing am certain about is he WILL get another season, i hope not though and i will tell you why. How many WORLD CLASS player does he think he can sign? NOT ONE!! Would any player come to Manchester United to play probably in the Europa League for the next 2-3 seasons maybe when he can get Champions League football either at the same club or elsewhere. Expect another frustrating and embarrassing transfer window.

As to my reason as why we can let go of Moyes - Moyes came in with an expectation that wasn’t as high or demanding as Mourinho or Pellegrini. All that was expected of him was to ensure we would be in the CL. We had a colossal F up in the first transfer window under him. And that was probably all Ed Woodward’s fault, but i will still partly blame him. Second transfer window he got an absolute gem of player in Juan Mata but has hardly used him where he would be at this best. Reason - Rooney.

That takes me to that mammoth 300k a week contract and the possibility of him captaining the side. *Bang the head on the wall moment*

Not ONCE in this season have we played like a team that were the defending champions. Not ONCE have we made the Opposition think that it is Manchester United who they play against. More often than not, the match was lost even before the players had come out of the tunnel. The passion, the hunger, desire, the waves after waves of attack, the pressure that was when you played Manchester United, ALL gone. All because of one man? Doubt that. The players too had a role to play, the crowd did too. The players are more or less the same. The crowd is even more vocal than before. But all that has changed is ONE MAN. And that new man is destroying what SAF had built over 26 years.

Things have clearly not worked under Moyes and even if he gets another season, i doubt he can do what he has not been able to so far. Agreed we might (M.I.G.H.T) sign some good players who will fit into the Moyes way of playing, but what exactly is that? Tactically Moyes has been woeful to put it mildly. The games that i think where we actually played with some sort of shape and carried an attacking threat were Olympiakos at home and West ham away. Too late in the season and that too the we were lucky. esp against Olympiakos. If not for David de Gea we might have let in a few. Welbeck too was brilliant that night.

I see no harm in the club admitting that we haven’t progressed but regressed and we don’t see things changing soon, so WE need to CHANGE things. It is about having a long term plan actually. If certain things are not working towards that goal, it is better to resolve it at the earliest than when it actually becomes a massive issue.

So far Moyes has NOT shown one indication that he can get it right. If the expected change is not happening see what the control factors are, CHANGE the parameters if required.

Some say he has 200m to spend. 1. Glazers 2. Do you really think they would spend more money than they have in their entire time at the club combined in a single window?? 3. Rooney contract. 4. Who will they buy? And if they do, we will spend far more than what is right and the weekly wages will be astronomical.

I just do not see this happening. So expect yet another mediocre season next. Having said that, IF Moyes can prove me and many United fans who doubt him wrong, we would be the most vocal in backing him. BUT prove first.

Remember its not about DAVID MOYES, it’s about MANCHESTER UNITED.

P.S I know it is long, very long, but read it. If you opinion is other than what mine is, pls feel free to discuss that out with VALID points. Don’t say things like SAF said Back your new manager, might as well punch you.



Ever since the rumors started spreading about the possible move of Chelsea’s player of the year (last 2 seasons) Juan Mata to Manchester United, my heart has been beating twice the normal rate.

Mata is a player that you would love despite him playing for your rivals. He is one of the finest players in the Premier League and definitely can produce some magical moments in a game.

One such moment, that i remember is his brilliant freekick from i guess 20 yards out, which was surely going into the top corner but for this brilliant one-handed save from our Flying Spaniard David De Gea

Image courtesy - Guardian

You can also check the video here.

There have been quite extensive discussion as to where Mata would play, which i won’t bore you with. I have no doubt saying that IF he does join Manchester United, he would vastly improve our midfield and would provide us fans with some memorable moments!!

But as i type this nothing is officially confirmed yet and given Woodward’s previous “attempts” at signing players, I for one won’t believe until i see it on the official website. But praying that this does go through!!

My first game of 2014 at Powerplay with Man Utd fans Bangalore. Played at Left back, but was all over the place. There can only be improvement. Exhausted but loved it.

My first game of 2014 at Powerplay with Man Utd fans Bangalore. Played at Left back, but was all over the place. There can only be improvement. Exhausted but loved it.


Kaurava ( The Aryavarta Chronicles #2 )

It’s been a while since i read the first part - Govinda - that i seem to have forgotten the finer points and plots of the series. With my friend borrowing the book from me, i don’t have the option of reading it again.

As the book description says 

Nothing left to fight for is nothing left to lose…

Emperor Dharma Yudhisthir of the Kauravas and Empress Panchali Draupadi rule over the unified realm of Aryavarta, an empire built for them by Govinda Shauri with the blessings of the Firstborn and by the might of those whom everyone believes long gone - the Firewrights.

Now the Firewrights rise from the ashes of the past, divided as before in purpose and allegiance - those who wish to use the knowledge of their ancestors for the greater good of the new empire and those determined to avenge the annihilation of their kin. Sinister plans are afoot, and no one, it seems, can stand in the way of the chaos about to be unleashed - not the Firstborn, not the kings of Aryavarta, and not Govinda Shauri. 

As a plot to destroy Govinda’s beloved city Dwarka takes an unexpected turn, and Dharma Yudhisthir gambles away his empire, the tormented empress is forced into a terrifying exile and Aryavarta teeters once again on the brink of destruction.

Condemned by his own failures, Govinda is left a broken man. The only way he can save Aryavarta and the woman in whose trusted hands he had left it is by playing a dangerous game: He must betray a terrible secret that the Vyasa has protected all his life. A secret that may well destroy the Firstborn, and the Firewrights with them.”

Yudhistir was a Pandava yet the description says Kaurava, though technically he is also a Kaurava. Maybe one of the finer points i forgot. Hoping for a good read.


Challenge Accepted!!

My dear friend and rival Nithin Bekal has challenged me for a blog post match. The challenge is to write more posts than the other.

My reaction : 

Well with this post, i lead him by 1 :P

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Elysium - Premiere

Off to watch the Premiere of Elysium in PVR Koramangala. Ironic that i got this chance by “playing” a contest, something that i hate.. Will update the post with my views on the movie later tonight :)

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